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sun basket reviews

Food is an essential part of our lives, but we don't always make the time to prepare meals on our own. Microwave dishes, going out to eat, and ordering delivery provide alternatives, but they aren't the healthiest options around. Unfortunately, though, with our busy schedules, having a home cooked meal doesn't seem like an option.

Meal kit delivery services have increased in popularity over the past few years, as they aim to be part of the solution. With fresh ingredients delivered to your door along with recipes, cooking at home has become easy, as has discovering new dishes. These services take away the time of meal planning and shopping and leave you with the task of cooking and enjoying the results.

Sun Basket is one such meal kit delivery service. Not only does the company work to deliver fresh ingredients to your door, but it also focuses on both organic and sustainable foods in a variety of meal options. To learn more about their services and to see if this company is right for you, read on for our comprehensive sun basket reviews!

What Does Sun Basket Do?

If you're not familiar with the concept of meal kit delivery services (or even if you are), Sun Basket does what many other companies of the same ilk do: they allow you to create an account, choose a meal plan, and select recipes from the offerings for the week. From there, Sun Basket mails the pre-portioned ingredients to your home, where you can follow the instructions to cook a tasty, homemade meal.

This approach works well for those who don't have time to shop but still want to cook at home—and the quick preparation time on Sun Basket dishes is also a time saver. Sun Basket also focuses on providing all-organic and non-GMO ingredients to offer a healthy meal experience. So is this service worth the hype?

Getting Started

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No one wants to struggle with complicated forms when they sign up for an online service, and Sun Basket understands that need well. Once you're ready to try out their services, you work to create an account, which includes providing your shipping and billing information. With those essentials out of the way, it's on to picking out your meal plan.

Sun Basket offers both Classic and Family Menus, which come at different costs and servings. The Classic Menu allows you to have three recipes delivered to your home per week, with 2 or 4 servings per meal.

The Family Menu allows you to choose between two, three, or four meals in a week, with four servings per recipe. Depending on your area, you may not be able to select the three meal Family Menu plan. If this is the case, then Sun Basket will let you know when you choose your options.

After you've selected the Classic or Family menu, you can then further decide the types of meals you like based on your eating style. With this input, Sun Basket will recommend you recipes each week based on what you select, though you'll still be able to choose any of the available meal options if you want to try them out.

If you wish to pause your service at any time, you can opt to skip certain weeks in advance. This capability is convenient, especially for weeks when you won't have time to cook or if you plan to go out of town on vacation. However, you will need to use select that you'll be skipping a delivery by the Thursday of the week beforehand to avoid any charges for your subscription.

Delivery Day

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Along with selecting your plan option, you also have the choice of when your meal kit will arrive at your home. Different areas will have different days of the week available, and you'll be able to choose any of those days.

While Sun Basket is available in a wide variety of states, they do not serve all fifty. If you live in one of the places that Sun Basket does not deliver to, then you won't be able to order from them. For these people, plenty of other meal kit services will provide service to these areas, so you have options.

Menu Options

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One of Sun Basket's best features is its wide variety of menu options available. Customers can choose between paleo, lean and clean, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meal choices, allowing service for a variety of dietary needs. Most "lean and clean:" menu options have around 550 calories per serving, making an excellent opportunity for those who want to watch their diet.

If you're a Classic Menu subscriber, then you'll have access to eighteen total recipes per week, with several options from all their available choices. People who use the Family Menu will have fewer available alternatives, but the meals in this plan are more likely to appeal to households with diverse tastes at the dinner table.

While you have fewer options with the Family Menu plan, it does help appeal to more picky eaters since Sun Basket spares no creativity when it comes to their dishes. Choices like Trout with a zucchini-almond salad and tempeh Bolognese and rigatoni with roasted broccoli aren't outliers on the menu. You'll have no shortage of adventuresome meals with Sun Basket on your side.

Additional options can include meals with twenty-minute prep times and even grill-based recipes in months where the weather is warm enough to accommodate outside activity.

No matter what plan you select, though, you can know that all of Sun Basket's ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced. These efforts are just part of how this meal kit delivery service not only focuses on providing healthy dishes but also cares about the environment.

Aside from regular meal options, you can also upgrade some menu choices for premium ingredients, or you can separately purchase certain a la carte meats and fish—perfect for enhancing a dish to accommodate people with different dietary habits. Sun Basket even has a wine club available for additional cost.


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Sun Basket not only places a high emphasis on its ingredients but also in how you receive them. All meal kits come carefully packed, with ice packs and insulation to help keep your food fresh. Each recipe comes with its ingredients in their own labeled bags, so you can quickly know what dish is what, even when your box comes with several meal kits that may share components.

All meats come outside of the brown paper bags that host the rest of the meal, and they also have additional ice packs to ensure they stay cool. Sun Basket knows what they're doing, and all the insulation does help your ingredients stay fresh on the way to your home.

Another nice bonus is that Sun Basket includes storage instructions for all their recipe ingredients if you don't plan on cooking them right away. Thanks to this information, you won't have to question what goes in the fridge, what goes in the freezer, and what can stay on the counter.

Sun Basket uses recyclable and compostable materials for their packaging, adding to their priority on sustainable service. All their packages also contain instructions for how to properly dispose of them, such as the included ice packs—which are also fully recyclable.

Preparation and Recipe Cards

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Since the goal of meal kit delivery services is the convenience of preparing food, Sun Basket has worked to create a simple system for cooking food. All your ingredients come pre-portioned, so you don't have to measure out anything; follow the instructions on the provided recipes to create your dishes.

When you receive an order, it will have a recipe book that includes all your meals for the week—as well as the instructions for the other available dish choices for the week. Each recipe has sections for chef tips, facts about ingredients to increase your knowledge, and even ways to let kids help in the kitchen—along with child-friendly puzzles and craft ideas for some extra entertainment while you cook.

Unfortunately, for everything Sun Basket does include in their recipe books, pictures are not one of them. This lack can make it a bit tricky to know what you need to do when it comes to chopping ingredients or making sure things are the right size to cook correctly. Overall, though, it's very straightforward to have a meal ready in less than a half hour, and you'll pick up some new techniques.

If you're interested in reproducing your favorite recipes, though, Sun Basket's included instructions aren't very conducive to that. There are no portion sizes listed in the books; this system works out with the meal kit since you have pre-portioned packages, but not for cooking a meal again. The pre-made sauces also make it more complicated.

While not being able to cook a meal again isn't a horrible flaw in a meal kit delivery service, it is a bit inconvenient for chefs that are trying to expand their repertoire in the kitchen. Whether or not that's a detriment is up to you and your plans for incorporating new meals into your life. If you're a new chef, you may need to look into how to follow some of the instructions.

Overall, though, Sun Basket provides a convenient way to produce flavorful dishes that are simple to make on your own or with a little help. And even though not every recipe will appeal to everyone, you can count on Sun Basket to deliver when it comes to tasty and healthy meal options.


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Sun Basket doesn't just stop its support of your cooking endeavors at providing ingredients and recipes. Online, Sun Basket provides a thorough help section, ready to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact their customer service team if you need assistance.

For those who are interested in recreating recipes, you can access Sun Basket's database of past meal options—which do include portion sizes to help you shop and prepare accordingly. You can also read their blog, the Sun Times, for additional ingredient information and recipes to try out at home. Their social media accounts also provide more information to connect with the company.

Outside of the main website, Sun Basket also has plenty of mobile resources. When new weekly menus are available, you can receive an alert through text. The official Sun Basket app allows you to customize your order and skip deliveries while on the go. While it doesn't have any videos or recipe tips like some other meal kit services provide, it's still a convenient resource to have on your side to navigate your account!

Canceling Service

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While Sun Basket makes it easy to cancel a week's order in advance, completely canceling your subscription is a bit more difficult. You will need to directly call a customer service representative or send an email to stop your service. Considering that many other meal kit services require you to adjust a setting on your online profile to pause or cancel deliveries.

Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Uses organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Meals take roughly thirty minutes to prepare
  • Great variety weekly recipe choices
  • Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and family meal options
  • Easy to skip weeks
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Can upgrade some meals for an additional cost


  • Portions are smaller than some other services
  • Price for plans is on the higher end
  • Recipe cards don't have measured out proportions or photos
  • No free shipping
  • Service not available in every state
  • Not as suitable for amateur and learning cooks


Since Sun Basket has so many available options for meal deliveries, your cost will vary depending on what you order for the week. For example, if you order from the Classic Menu, your price per serving is at a low to average price. Depending on how much you order, your cost will then reflect this, depending on the number of servings you receive per meal.

The Family Menu has a lesser cost per serving than that, coming out only at a very low price. Since this plan involves four servings per recipe and allows for up to four meals a week, it's possible that you'll spend more money, even though the Classic Menu has a higher serving cost. However, the Family Menu has fewer options, so that somewhat reflects in the price.

If you wish to order additional items a la carte or premium meals, you'll pay that extra cost in addition to the base price.

Shipping is also its own cost since Sun Basket does not offer free delivery. Shipping for both the Classic and Family Plans costs at a surprisingly low price per order. While this isn't an unreasonable price for shipping, it's still unfortunate that Sun Basket doesn't offer free delivery after a certain price point—especially since the shipping cost reoccurs every order.

As for the costs of the meals themselves, the servings are more expensive than many other meal kit delivery services available. This cost mostly comes from how Sum Basket's ingredients are wholly certified organic. If that's important to you, then it can be well worth the price; if not, plenty of other services have less costly services available.

For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to eat well, Sun Basket (or any meal kit delivery service) won't be the option for you. While these plans will save you the time of planning meals and shopping for fresh, seasonal ingredients, you do end up paying for that convenience. Whether that price is worth it or not is up to you.

How It Compares

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With the increasing market opportunity, it's no surprise that multiple meal kit services have cropped up to take advantage of the success—which means that you have numerous options to consider. While Sun Basket has its various benefits, there are some areas where other companies have gained the upper hand.

Sun Basket has some of the best variety of meals a week, especially with the eighteen available options. Their flexibility in meals when working with different diet types is also great, thanks to their vegan, paleo, pescatarian, and other choices. That Sun Basket has expanded its menu based on customer feedback also shows its commitment to serving customers.

The great emphasis that Sun Basket places on its organically sourced is another strong factor in its favor. While you'll find that all excellent meal kit services focus on shipping out fresh, seasonal ingredients, not all of them are organic. The packaging that Sun Basket uses is also top notch and maintains freshness among the best of them, plus the materials are recyclable and compostable.

Aside from the overall high cost of Sun Basket, their meal kit services do have some disadvantages. One is in the portion sizes, which, while enough to fill you up, aren't quite as generous as some other companies provide. The lack of free shipping is also a detriment, and they also don't offer service to every state, unlike other companies like Blue Apron.

The fact that the recipe cards don't have portions listed on them makes it difficult to recreate meals without checking Sun Basket's website. The lack of pictures also can make it difficult to follow along with a recipe. Most other meal kit companies out there have particular cards that are easy to follow along, no matter your skill level. Sun Basket can be difficult for inexperienced chefs to follow directions.

As for the recipes themselves, you'll find that Sun basket has a great variety of dishes available each week, including meals suitable for more adventurous eaters. For those that want to try new things, Sun Basket is an excellent choice; if you have picky eaters to think about, you may want to consider a meal kit service with a tamer menu, like Home Chef.

Though the taste of food can be a subjective topic, Sun Basket reviews indicate that they consistently deliver when it comes to providing quality meal choices that are delicious. While the organic ingredients are a part of this, the creative recipes also contribute to what makes Sun Basket appealing for those that regularly use the service.

While Sun Basket makes it simple to adjust your schedule for a week, canceling the service is much more complicated than other services, requiring an email or phone call. Most other food kit companies allow you to cancel at any time by adjusting your settings in your online profile.

Public Perception

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When it comes to public perception, Sun Basket reviews indicate a very positive outlook on the company and service. Customers are enormous fans of the organically and sustainably sourced foods, and the recyclable and compostable packaging is also great—not only for convenience but for helping the environment. These aspects are just points in Sun Basket's favor.

Across various reviewing platforms, customers give Sun Basket very high ratings. There aren't many complaints floating about, either, though customers do have concerns about the price and lack of free shipping. The inability to recreate recipes is another issue, despite being able to preserve instruction cards.

Despite these problems, though, Sun Basket still receives high ratings, as it performs well in all the ways you would want a meal kit service to do. The many recipes, quality food, exceptional delivery, high packing standards, and overall fun of being able to try out new meals in a week are all very appealing, and Sun Basket receives top recommendations across the board.

What We Think

With all these aspects working out in Sun Basket's favor, it's no surprise that the company also receives our recommendation. We believe that Sun Basket delivers quality in everything they do, all the way from sourcing foods to putting great tasting meals on the table. Adventurous eaters will rejoice in having an opportunity to not only try new foods but have it freshly delivered to your door.

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The organic and sustainable food sources are easily the most appealing aspect of Sun Basket as a delivery service. With their certifications, you know that you have quality food on your hands that not all other meal kit companies will provide. These ingredients not only contribute to the excellent taste of their meals but also healthier eating.

These aspects alone are enough for us to think that Sun Basket is well worth the higher cost over other meal delivery companies. If you care about where your food comes from, then you'll want to go with Sun Basket. If it's not as much as a concern for you, then you'll be just as happy with another meal kit service that's less pricey. The ingredients will still be fresh, just not up to the non-GMO and organic standard.

The variety of meals per week is also excellent, with up to eighteen for the Standard Plan. These dishes apply to many dietary restrictions and lifestyles, such as vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and low-calorie options. If you fall into one of these groups, you should have no issues finding dishes to satisfy your needs. The ability to order a la carte items is also excellent for households with mixed diet preferences.

We recommend Sun Basket for more adventurous eaters as well, as the menu can have some exciting new choices. Part of the fun of a meal kit service is that you get the chance to try dishes that you may not have thought up on your own. However, if you need to serve picky eaters, then you may want to be cautious with picking up Sun Basket.

We also think that any beginner chefs should be careful with selecting Sun Basket, as well. While the recipe cards and pre-portioned foods make it more straightforward to try and cook the meal choices, they aren't always the easiest instructions to follow for people who are new to cooking, even with the included recipe tips. You can check some of their recipes online to see if you feel up to the challenge!

Overall, Sun Basket has a hearty endorsement from us, thanks to all the great benefits it provides as both a meal kit delivery service and as a company that cares about sustainability and the environment. If these are your concerns—or you want great-tasting and healthy meals delivered to your door—you'll find what you're looking for in a subscription to Sun Basket.


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Sun Basket has a deal for a certain discount off your order for first-time customers. There are also available deals for fifty percent off your first family plan order, a certain average amount off your first box, and somewhat higher off your first two weeks combined.

If you choose to be a returning customer to Sun Basket, you can receive a reasonable discount for your orders when you refer a friend—and they also gain credit on their meal kits as well!

Considering the available deals for first-time customers, you may find it worthwhile to use these discounts as an excellent opportunity to try out Sun Basket for yourself. Just remember that you may have to jump through some hoops if you ultimately decide to cancel your subscription.


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