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Meal delivery services are in high demand these days. Their popularity has skyrocketed across cities and suburbs alike, giving people an easier way to make dinner during their hectic weeks. From easy-to-make recipes to healthy food options, there’s a lot to love about these services.

Trying one out is simple, especially with newcomer discounts to sweeten the deal. However, picking one that you like is another story entirely. Top complaints are portion size to price ratios, delivery issues, and companies not living up to the quality of food they promised.

So, how can you decide on which one to try without wasting your cash? The answer is honest reviews. The internet is filled with people giving their honest opinions on companies, and we like to take advantage of that whenever we can.

This article examines Gobble, considered one of the top meal delivery services to date. We’ve examined countless Gobble reviews to bring you an honest look at what the company has to offer. From public perceptions to how it stacks up to the competition and it’s smallest details, this is what we think.


What Is Gobble and How Does It Work?

Based in Palo Alto, California, Gobble is a food delivery service that labels themselves as “premium.” If you’re passionate about cooking, want to eat a little healthier, or simply need to save during the week, then Gobble wants to help you out with their fresh meals.

Like any other meal delivery service, the company has a team of professional chefs that create meals and pre-package the perfect amount of ingredients. The ingredients arrive in a box at your doorstep on scheduled delivery dates, with each meal having its packaging inside the box.

You pick the meal you want to make, follow the recipe card to prepare it quickly, and enjoy the fruits of your (and their) labor. Where these types of companies begin to differ is in what they offer, and Gobble is no different.

Gobble sends you a delivery once a week, allowing you to choose which day works best with your schedule. Each shipment, or meal kit, comes with three dinners you’ve chosen beforehand. You can opt for three meals to feed either two or four people, depending on the size of your household. That provides a total of six or twelve meals altogether.

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After your first order, you can increase the number of actual meals to any size you would like. Unlike a lot of other companies, there are absolutely no limits. If you happen to have a family of 14 living in your house, Gobble will gladly accommodate.

As for food, Gobble allows you to pick the meals you want (which not all companies do). They offer meaty and vegetarian options and even allow you to pick your favorite meats. If you aren’t a fan of shellfish, for instance, then they’ll exclude that from your orders.

There are 24 meals to choose from in any given week, giving you plenty of variety. Meals are divided into regional categories, which include:

  • The Range – poultry
  • The Ranch – pork, lamb, and beef
  • The Sea – seafood in general
  • and The Earth – all vegetarian

Each category has six meals, with a few specialties included. Kid-friendly, gluten and dairy-free, and low-carb dishes are always on the menu. That’s the extent of their catering to dietary restrictions, but it does provide a wide net for most individuals.

Regardless of what you choose for your plan, the benefit remains the same as any other food delivery service. You can cook healthier meals at home while improving your culinary prowess and saving time. That’s a benefit anyone can enjoy as long as you’re willing to pay the price (which we’ll discuss shortly).


What Are Meal Subscription Services?

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Gobble shares a lot of unique factors with other meal delivery services. A lot, but not all, of these companies emphasize sustainably sourced food from their veggies to shellfish and everything in-between. Gobble works with local purveyors and farmers in the Palo Alto area to send you hand-picked and fresh ingredients in every delivery.

Note: While not every purveyor is in Palo Alto, California is rich with sustainable farming and fishing. Your food doesn’t travel far before reaching Gobble.

The next unique thing about food delivery companies is the time it takes its customers to cook a meal. Times vary wildly from one provider to the next, but Gobble steals a home base with one of the lowest times out there. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to cook one of their meals.

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The chef’s behind these creations work hard to ensure you’re saving time by using the service. As far as Gobble is concerned, busy individuals should spend less time preparing and more time eating. Compared to an average of 30 minutes, Gobble’s 15 is highly impressive.

They can secure this time with three-step recipes. Instead of a recipe card with 10 or more steps, these cards are ridiculously simple. Each step only features a few sub-steps, leading to a picture-perfect meal when you finish.

Finally, food quality is a determining factor for these companies. They all claim to serve first-class, fine dining restaurant ingredients, but that isn’t always true. As for Gobble, we can confirm that the ingredients chosen are excellent.



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This is where a lot of people shy away from food delivery services, but the prices don’t cost any more than eating out would. If you’re always finding yourself at restaurants or ordering fast-food to accommodate a busy schedule, then you’ll probably save money by using these services.

Gobble’s pricing is straightforward. There are no hidden fees or costs, allowing you to know exactly what you’ll pay in advance. Here’s how their pricing plan breaks down.

When ordering for two people, which is two servings a meal, there are two options. First, you can order two meals a week at $13.99 per serving. That comes out to $55.96 for a week. If you’re a fan of eating out, try to name a restaurant where you can order four meals for under $60.

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Next, you can opt for three meals a week, which is six altogether. The price per serving drops to $11.99 for this plan, but the additional meals bring the weekly price to $71.94. Again, if you can name a restaurant where you spend $70 on six meals, then we would love to come to eat with you.

The next category is three meals per week for four people or 12 meals in total. The price stays at $11.99, bringing your weekly total to $143.88. Depending on the restaurant, this starts to even out. Still, it remains a healthier option at an affordable price for families who regularly dine out.

To sum that up:

  • 2 Meals a week for 2 - $55.96
  • 3 Meals a week for 2 - $71.94
  • 3 Meals a week for 4 - $143.88

You can also make the most of your meals each week if you’re a savvy shopper. Dishes like potato pierogis, though still high in quality, can’t compare the cost savings on a pan roasted salmon or Vietnamese shaking beef.

If you aren’t a picky eater, pay attention to the ingredients in each dish offered during any given week. You can end up eating like royalty at a reasonable price this way. Regardless, all of their meals are high-quality. While restaurants charge more for items like salmon or specialty meat dishes, you’ll find that Gobble does not.

On the downside, Gobble's prices aren’t the cheapest around. You can find other services for $2-3 less. It isn’t the most expensive, not by far, but there are more cost-friendly options on the market. Walking the line between price and quality is something anyone looking into food delivery services has to do.

Finally, there are add-on options. These vary weekly and can be anything from oatmeal cookies to lemonade. They come ready to make as well and cost around $1.95 per serving.


Public Perception

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After scouring the internet for Gobble reviews, public perception of the company is generally fantastic. People are pleased with the quality, taste, and options the company provides. Customers review these types of services on some bases, so we broke them down.

Meal Options – 4.5 out of 5

With 24 options to choose from each week, there’s plenty of variety when ordering though Gobble. Ingredients vary wildly to provide an ample spread of regional and unique meals. Customers who continue their service don’t find themselves bored with the same-old-same-old.

Gobble also accommodates a few dietary restrictions. They offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals to help you make the most of your diet. Low-calorie meals are also available, which some found helped with dieting to lose weight.

There are also some add-ons you can choose from, like cucumber rosemary margarita mix or cookie dough to bake something sweet. That’s out of the norm for most meal delivery services, which helps Gobble’s rating in the eyes of the public.

What customers would like to see is an increase in options for dietary restrictions. While Gobble does accommodate gluten-free, for instance, there may only be one or two recipes each week that follow those guidelines.

Flexibility and Ease – 4.5 out of 5

Gobble selects three meals each week based on your preferences, saving you plenty of time, but you can choose to swap them out with anything offered that week. They also allow doubling-up on a single recipe, which is uncommon, and give you to the option skip any week you choose.

With no combination limits or forced purchases each week, customers are highly satisfied with the flexibility. As for ease of use, ordering or changing meals only takes a few clicks.

Nutrition and Quality – 4 out of 5

Customers love that each meal falls between 500 to 700 calories per serving, helping several people stick to healthier caloric intake. The vast majority of ingredients received are fresh, though mistakes do happen. Only one rare review out of hundreds complained about the quality.

One aspect customers did not like is that there are no calorie labels on the recipe cards. While the site states the count is 500-700, most think it would be nice to know the exact number of calories in a particular serving. Unfortunately, you can’t count macros with Gobble.

Outside of that, Gobble suffers the same occasional mishap as any other food delivery service. Sometimes, the food doesn’t arrive fresh. It’s inevitable, but something we think all of these companies should work on.

Cost – 3 out of 10

Gobble’s flat-rate meals make the cost identifiable. Everyone knows exactly what they will pay ahead of time. Unfortunately, that also sets its prices in stone. Other companies offer meals for dollars less, which adds up quickly at the end of the month.

Even $2-3 less per meal could mean a savings of $36 or more each month. It’s not a deal breaker for everyone, but some would prefer to pay less for similar quality services.

Recipes – 4 out of 10

Customers found Gobble’s recipes creative, fun to cook, and delicious. The chefs behind them certainly put a lot of work into creating a tasty yet simple-to-make meal. People find the instruction clear and easy to follow. Everything is pre-portioned to the exact amount, making prep-work minimal.

Complaints included final products looking nothing like the picture, final portions looking smaller, and some people simply did not like the taste. Others loved it, though. So, it’s a matter of personal taste.

Packaging – 4.5 out of 10

There are very few complaints about Gobble’s packaging. They limit box waste through recyclable and 100% compostable materials. Everything is food-safe, keeps items cold, and the individually packaged ingredients are always sealed.

One area customers would like to see changed is ingredient placement. Everything is just placed together in your box, which can make it a little difficult to pick out which ingredients go to which meal. If you had three beef meals, for instance, knowing which cut was which could prove difficult.

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How It Compares

Gobble has a sea of competition with the rising popularity of food delivery services. Hello Fresh, green Chef, Every Plate and more are all offering a similar service and a variety of deals for first-time customers. Here’s how Gobble stack up to the competition.

Gobble vs. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a tough competitor. They offer vegetarian and family-friendly options that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, offer eight new recipes each week with upgrade options for gourmet dishes, and place emphasis on fresh ingredients.

Sustainable, family-owned sourcing backs their food items, which is an admirable commitment. There are no member obligations, meaning you can cancel your service or skip a week anytime you want. Plus, their easy-to-follow cards make cooking a complex meal simple.

What Hello Fresh lacks are vegan and gluten-free plans. Their vegetarian menu, while tasty, is extremely limited, and the revolving eight dishes tend to repeat themselves after a while. Finally, you can’t change your delivery date. It’s Friday, and it will always be a Friday.

Their packaging is excellent, and their meals are delicious. So, if you don’t mind the restrictions or reordering certain meals, then this is an excellent option. Honestly, they are on-par with Gobble at the moment. The meals are of the same quantity, they’re both easy to use, and they offer a lot of conveniences. Gobble, however, offers more meal choices.

Gobble vs. Green Chef

Green Chef offers plenty of menu plans for specific diets like Paleo, keto, and even vegan. All of their USDA certified organic meals, which are also GMO-free, take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Plus, their eco-friendly packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients make them green as can be.

They fall apart in a few areas, though. First, their portion sizes are ridiculously small even when looking past the price. With an added $7 for shipping, that can be a bit of a letdown. Second, their dietary restriction options aren’t available on family plans. That rules out a wide audience looking for specific meals.

Finally, Green Chef decides what you eat. Customers do not pick their meals like they would with most food delivery services. Instead, the company sends you what they think you might like based on your preferences. While that might be one less thing to think about, it doesn’t ensure you’ll love every meal.

Compared to Gobble, Green Chef keeps up with quality ingredients and ease of use but falls short in the areas mentioned above. We think Gobble is the better choice here.

Gobble vs. Sun Basket

Sun Basket makes a name for itself by being a Certified Organic Handler. It’s one of the few meal delivery services that holds that title, and it’s something they should be proud of. Their menu of 18 weekly recipes is enough to keep most customers satisfied with variety, while diet plans ranging from vegetarian to Diabetes-friendly cater to most individuals’ needs.

Their seafood is sustainably sourced, their meats are antibiotic and hormone-free, and their produce is organic. Those are all excellent marks but, as you might expect, all of that comes with a higher price tag. Sun Basket is one of the most expensive on the market.

While paying a higher price for higher quality is acceptable in our book, the portion sizes are not. It’s to be expected, though. The price for organic, sustainably sourced, antibiotic-free food is high. Still, receiving so little after paying so much might not make it worth the price to some customers.

Compared to Gobble, the food at Sun Basket is a step up but not an enormous one. For the price, you can receive a lot more from Gobble and still eat healthily. So, Gobble wins this round.


What We Think

All in all, we give Gobble a 4 out of 5 rating. We ordered a parmesan crusted chicken with lemon-basil orzo salad, beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes, and pan-roasted salmon with leek patties and sautéed greens.

Everything arrived the day it was supposed to (a Tuesday), and there were no issues with our packaging. We chose three different types of meat to avoid any mix-ups and tried to select different veggies for the same reason. All of our produce was in pristine condition upon arrival.

Cooking the meals was just as simple as Gobble said it would be. Each meal took about 15 minutes (a little extra with some goofing around and conversation), and they looked decently close to what was pictured on the recipe card. We aren’t chefs, but we felt like we could be with enough practice.

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The meals did appear slightly smaller than the picture, except the salmon. As for taste, we enjoyed all three dishes. Some of us liked one more than others based on personal preference, but everyone agreed that the ingredients were fresh, high-quality, and scrumptious.

What we would like to see, as several customers stated in their Gobble reviews, is a little more organization in the packaging. Things could easily get confusing if you have similar-looking ingredients in a shipment as nothing is labeled.

We also think that, while the pictures are beautifully taken, they could represent the actual meal size a little more. The portion size was excellent, but Gobble spreads their food out for each picture to make their meals look larger.

Other than that, we have no complaints from our order. We highly recommend giving this food delivery service a try and hope you enjoy it. For now, we’ve placed our order on pause and are considering pitching in to feed the office something special once a week.


Coupons and Deals

Gobble runs several first-time subscriber discounts throughout the year. Prices are constantly changing, but we received six meals for $36 on our first order. Doing so signed us up to receive their emails, but that’s also how we were able to pick the three meals we wanted.

Knocking the price down from $71.94 to $36 for your first delivery is an excellent way to try this service out. Plus, there are no commitments. You can cancel or pause your orders anytime you want.

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