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factor 75 reviews

Eating right can be challenging. You need to commit to planning your meals, do some research on nutrition, and find the time to go grocery shopping. The alternative to spending more time on meal prep is to subscribe to a meal delivery service. We took a closer look at Factor 75 to help you determine if this healthy meal delivery service could be a good option for you.

What Is Factor 75 And How Does It Work?

Factor 75 offers healthy meals delivered to your door. The service selects quality ingredients, lets you select the meals you want to receive, and ships pre-packaged meals every week.

How Does Factor 75 Work?

factor 75

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You will find a slightly different menu every week. Some popular items stay on the menu for a long time while other items rotate from one week to the next.

The weekly menu includes some breakfast items and meals you can eat for lunch or dinner. Subscribe to a plan with a specific number of meals per week and choose which meals you want to receive.

If you don’t have the time to select your meals or want to discover new things, Factor 75 will send you a random selection of meals for the week. You can indicate a few preferences, such as some ingredients you want to avoid. You can also indicate that you want to receive some keto or paleo meals.

Note that the keto and paleo meals don’t follow strict nutritional guidelines. These meals are meant to be keto and paleo-friendly. Pay attention to the nutritional information to see if these options would work with your diet.

Factor 75 has online resources designed to help you learn more about the keto and paleo diet. You can incorporate the paleo and keto meals offered into a diet that follows these guidelines if you do some research and prepare your other meals yourself.

You can pause your subscription at any time or skip a week if you won’t be home or will have more time for meal prep. You can easily manage your account online or reach customer support over the phone.

Customers receive their meal box for the week between Monday and Wednesday. Your delivery day will vary based on your zip code. FedEx will deliver your box.

Factor 75 offers a wide selection of weekly plans. The smallest plan includes four meals per week while the largest one includes 18 meals per week.



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Factor 75 reviews mention that the meals are always fresh. The service never freezes food and prepares pre-packaged meals each week.

The meals will stay good for an entire week in your fridge, and you can freeze them if you want to keep them for later.

The meals ship in insulated boxes. There are gel packs inside of the boxes to maintain a cold temperature. Your box can sit outside for a few hours if you aren’t home.

Factor 75 offers healthy meals that are created by dieticians and chefs. The service carefully sources ingredients to ensure quality.

All the ingredients used are non-GMO. You won’t find any preservatives, gluten, or soy. The meat is grass-fed and raised without hormones or antibiotics.

There is a focus on high-quality ingredients, nutrient-rich meals, and balanced nutrition.

All the meals offered by the service are healthy, but you will find some menu items tailored to specific dietary requirements. You can order some paleo or keto meals, choose low-carb meals, select a few high-protein lunches, and add some low-calories dinners to your weekly box.

Each menu item includes a detailed list of ingredients and nutritional information. You can review these details when you choose your meals for the week.

Each meal contains one serving. You will have to order more than one box or get a larger plan if you need to feed more than one person.

What Is The Menu Like?

The menu is slightly different every week. Here are a few examples of items you can currently find on the Factor 75 menu:

  • ​Breakfast items such as pumpkin pancakes and paleo granola
  • ​Paleo sesame chicken
  • ​Vegetarian lasagna
  • ​Beef tenderloin goulash
  • ​Creole shrimp jambalaya
  • ​Deluxe pizza casserole
  • ​Buffalo chicken breast
  • ​Peach chipotle BBQ chicken
  • ​Vegetarian taco bowl
  • ​Broccoli parmesan frittata cups

You can get a better idea of what these different menu items are like thanks to the pictures included on the menu selection page and the list of ingredients provided.

Overall, Factor 75 offers a varied menu. There are many different sources of proteins available each week, some vegetarian options, and a great selection of paleo and keto meals. We also like the fact that you can easily identify low-carb options.

The menu includes a wide range of flavors and influences. You will find some original creations as well as some healthy takes on classic dishes.

​What Makes Factor 75 Unique?

Factor 75 is about making healthy eating accessible. There is a focus on sourcing quality ingredients and being transparent about sourcing.

A lot of healthy meal delivery services choose non-GMO ingredients and don’t use preservatives. Factor 75 goes further by sourcing grass-fed meat that isn’t grown with hormones and antibiotics.

All the meals are gluten-free, and you can easily identify the dairy-free options on the menu.

Factor 75 is also very transparent about the nutritional information of the meals offered. You can build your meal box yourself and choose meals adapted to your nutritional goals thanks to this information. You can build a flexible plan, adapt your goals from one week to the next, and try new things.

Few other meal delivery services offer the same flexibility. Some services offer a diet or fitness plan and focus on counting calories. Others require you to subscribe to a plan that only includes paleo or keto meals to have access to these options.

You can subscribe to Factor 75 and choose to receive anywhere between four and 18 meals a week. You can choose a plan adapted to your lifestyle in function of how much time you have for cooking and how often you eat out.

The Factor 75 blog is filled with healthy and original recipes if you want to start cooking more meals at home to complement the pre-packaged meals you receive.

Selection Of Menu Items

You will always have some new options to discover when choosing meals for your weekly box. You will also find meals you are already familiar with.

Overall, the selection of menu items will help you add variety to your diet. The breakfast selection is somewhat small since there are only two breakfast items on the current menu, but you can choose between 17 different options for lunches and dinners. You can order meals for an entire week without any repetition.

The recipes are original. The chefs and dieticians create recipes with a wide range of flavors and associations. Subscribing to Factor 75 could be a great opportunity to discover some new foods you are going to love. You will also discover healthy takes on classic dishes such as taco, pizza, or meatloaf.

All the meals are fresh and pre-packaged. All you have to do is store them in your fridge and heat up the food when you are ready to eat.

The menu items are well-organized when you put together your box for the week. You can easily browse and find keto or paleo meals, identify the high-protein options, or recognize the low-calories or low-carb meals. There are icons that will help you spot the dairy-free options.


You can subscribe to a weekly plan with a specific number of meals. You can either choose which items you want to receive or let Factor 75 put together your weekly box based on your preferences.

You can cancel your plan at any time with no additional fees, and pause deliveries. You can also easily switch to a different plan.

We like the fact that you can pick your menu items or let Factor 75 put together your weekly box to save some time. You need to indicate your preferences before the weekly delivery goes out, but you will receive an email reminder.


The pricing for Factor 75 is very transparent. You will be billed weekly for your plan and can easily find prices on the website:

  • A plan with four meals a week costs $60.
  • The six-meal plan costs $77.
  • You can get eight meals a week for $99.
  • A 12-meal plan costs $138.
  • The most expensive plan includes 18 meals and costs $198 a week.

The price per-meal varies from $15 to $11 depending on the plan you choose. You can save by subscribing to a larger plan.

Billing occurs weekly. You have to cancel or pause your plan before the delivery goes out.

​Public Perception Of Factor 75

We looked at different Factor 75 reviews to get a better idea of what to expect from this meal delivery service.

​Factor 75 has received a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. The Yelp page for the service has a lot more reviews and shows that Factor 75 has received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. The website Food For Net has reviewed the service and given it a 98% score.

The positive reviews mention how convenient the service is. People love being able to receive healthy meals without having to do any meal prep or grocery shopping. Most subscribers have chosen Factor 75 because the service helps them save time.

Some reviews talk about the nutritional value of the meals. Not all subscribers take the time to go through the nutritional information for the menu items, but people appreciate being able to keep track of what they eat.

The selection of plans available is another positive point. People love the flexibility of the service as well as the taste of the meals.

A lot of Factor 75 reviews talk about value and pricing. Overall, people recommend Factor 75 because the per-meal price is very affordable given the quality of the food.

A few reviews mention the packaging. The meals come in rectangular boxes that you can easily stack in your fridge or freezer. The boxes are convenient if you want to take a healthy lunch to work.

Those who have contacted customer service say they had a great experience.

The negative Factor 75 reviews are mostly about the flavor of the meals. Some reviewers thought that the meals are not enjoyable.

Some subscribers weren’t satisfied with the menu selection because they aren’t interested in adding keto and paleo meals to their diet. Some also talk about how Factor 75 sends these meals by default if you don’t indicate which items you would like to receive.

It seems that the flavor of the meals is very different based on how you reheat the food. Reheating the food with a microwave doesn’t seem to create a pleasant flavor. We recommend that you use an oven instead.

You probably won’t love every single menu item offered but being able to pick the menu items you want to receive means you can easily avoid the meals you didn’t like.

​How Does Factor 75 Compare To Other Options?

You should look at other meal delivery services to determine which one makes the most sense for your lifestyle and nutritional goals. Here are a few other options to consider.


freshly logo

Freshly has a huge selection of weekly menu items. You can choose from more than 30 weekly items to put your box together.

You will receive pre-packaged meals that you can heat up in a few minutes. The meals are gluten-free and don’t contain any refined sugar.

The menu changes from one week to the next, but you will always have access to a wide range of recipes. However, Freshly doesn’t offer any breakfast items.

The meals include some vegetarian options, and you can easily find low-carb meals, low-calorie options, and identify the dairy-free and gluten-free meals. You will also find a few paleo-friendly options each week.

The price per meal is slightly lower when compared to Factor 75, but there are fewer plans to choose from. You can choose to receive four, six, nine, or 12 meals a week.

You will receive your box between Tuesday and Saturday depending on where you live and the meals can stay fresh in your fridge for up to a week. You can skip or cancel your subscription at any time.


HelloFresh Logo

HelloFresh takes a different approach to healthy eating by delivering meal kits with all the ingredients you need to prepare balanced meals. You don’t have to do any of the meal prep or grocery shopping.

HelloFresh is a great option if you want to learn how to cook or enjoy cooking even though you don’t have time to go grocery shopping regularly.

You can choose between a classic plan, veggie plan, and family plan. The price per service is a little under what Factor 75 offers.

Your meal kit box will include detailed step-by-step instructions to prepare the meals. You will also get nutritional information.

The great think about HelloFresh is that all the ingredients are measured and prepared. You should be able to prepare lunch or dinner in only 30 minutes.

We like the variety of meal kits available and the original recipes that will help you discover new foods. The downside of the service is that you can’t choose which meal kits you want to receive, but you can indicate your preferences if there are some foods you don’t like.

HelloFresh lists some of its suppliers on its website, but you won’t find sourcing information about every ingredient used.

Sun Basket

SunBasket logo

Sun Basket is an excellent meal delivery service due to the wide range of options offered. The menu includes some paleo meals, gluten-free options, a vegan and vegetarian plan, and a Mediterranean plan.

The service uses organic produce. You will also find meat raised without antibiotics or hormones and responsibly-sourced seafood.

There are 18 different meal kits to choose from each week. The options change from each week to the next in function of the seasonal ingredients available.

You will ingredients measured ingredients and detailed instructions with your meal kit. Cooking a meal shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. This service is a great way to discover new recipes and to save time on grocery shopping.

We like the fact that you can order some salads as add-ons for your meals. There are no breakfast options, but you will find a good selection of lunches and dinners and can use filters to find recipes that work with your nutritional preferences.

There is a classic box with 18 recipes each week and a family box with six recipes.

One Potato

one potato logo

One Potato is probably your best option if you want to order meal kits for your family. The selection of recipes is smaller compared to other services, but it’s easier to find a plan that matches the size of your family.

You will find some family meal recipes and a few vegetarian options each week. Once you subscribe to the service, you will have to indicate the size of your family and how many meal kits you would like to receive.

You can also indicate some preferences, such as receiving nut-free or gluten-free meals. You will receive meal kits with all the ingredients you need to prepare a family dinner in 30 minutes or less.

We recommend this service because it’s easy to find a plan adapted to the size of your family. You can order meal kits with two to six servings.

What We Think Of Factor 75

The few negative or mixed Factor 75 reviews we came across complained about the flavor of the food. However, there is a large number of positive reviews from subscribers who love the taste of the meals.

We think this is a matter of personal preferences, but it’s very likely that using a microwave to reheat the meals isn’t ideal. We recommend that you use an oven to reheat these meals if you decide to test Factor 75.

We think Factor 75 is an interesting meal delivery service thanks to the wide range of recipes offered. The meals are very original and being able to choose which meals you want to receive is a plus. You will discover some new dishes you love, introduce more healthy foods into your diet, and always have some pre-made healthy meals available.

This service is a great way to save time on meal prep and grocery shopping. The nutritional information available makes it easy to take control of what you eat, but you can trust Factor 75 to deliver healthy recipes even if you don’t look at nutritional value and calories too closely.

The quality of the ingredients is another reason to choose Factor 75. Everything is sourced responsibly and you can expect to get meals made from high-quality ingredients.

​Coupons And Deals

You will need to enter your email and zip code to access information about the plans available on the Factor 75 website.

Once you share your email with Factor 75, you will start receiving some promotional emails about menu items. You will receive emails with different coupon codes, including a 25% off coupon for your first order and a $40 off coupon for your first two orders.

These coupons might change over time and additional deals seem to be available around the holidays, but you will receive some promotional offers once you share your email address with Factor 75.

Factor 75 is a great option to consider if you want to adopt a healthier diet. Give the service a try since you can easily cancel your subscription in case you aren’t satisfied with your first delivery box.

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