Hi, I’m Jed Lambert, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Greatfoodgoodmood.com.

My mother says I was born with a spatula in one hand and a pen in the other. In other words, I’ve been cooking since I was a young lad and I love writing about the things I cook.

After attending culinary school, I worked in a few top restaurants in California. It was a very rewarding experience and taught me a lot of stuff that helps me do my job better. However, when I got ready to have a family of my own, I needed something that would allow me to actually have dinner with my family every night. So while I’d not trade my work experiences for anything, it’s nice to be in a job like the one I have here at greatfoodgoodmood.com.

Greatfoodgoodmood.com is run by a team of dedicated “foodies” and our mission is to help provide food prep and cooking enthusiasts with reliable resources for meal delivery and preparation. We write about meal delivery services, food prep, and much more.

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